beyond boundaries

“Envisioning Virginia Tech – Beyond Boundaries” is an exercise in imagining a vision for Virginia Tech a generation into the future. Beyond Boundaries engages the university-wide community in a long-range visioning process, charting a course to position Virginia Tech as a top 100, global university while addressing the challenges and opportunities in the changing landscape of higher education.









At its core, Beyond Boundaries is an exercise of imagining a vision for Virginia Tech’s future. Many of the ideas developed during year-one of the visioning process have gone from the visioning stage to implementation, and are already having a wide-ranging impact on the Virginia Tech community. Within the Beyond Boundaries process, planning and implementation occur in parallel.



In year two, President Sands asked a small group of thought leaders from across the Virginia Tech community to ensure the integrity of the Beyond Boundaries work by expanding on the ideas formulated in phase one and to advise the university on ways to move the vision toward implementation. Specifically, the Beyond Boundaries advisory group, along with the Office of the Senior Fellow for Resource Development, were tasked with:


  1. Developing metrics to track the success of Beyond Boundaries initiatives into the implementation process.
  2. Creating a continuous planning framework that will ensure the university can quickly respond to the rapidly changing landscape of higher education.


Beyond Boundaries continues to push the traditional structure of higher education by expanding conversations and creating a space in which moonshots can rise to the surface and be heard throughout the university community. The commitment to the future of Virginia tech, and its evolution into a top 100, global land-grant university, is the goal of the project. The process has just begun…



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